Monday, August 22, 2011

Leaving Anatapi Lane....and heading to Downtown Apartment!

We are busy making all our preparations to leave, which are very detailed and precise in the contract-we are having a 'move out ' clean all day Thursday with the amazing Regal Cleaning Company based in Aspen Landing...the international packers came today and were brilliant at cramming everything in but we hit our weight allowance very quickly...left with a lot of stuff!

We are very lucky in that Bruce has found , after much searching, a lovely two bedroom apartment Downtown, in an area called Eau Claire, next to the park,  and Bow, or is it Elbow (?) River. It has its own gym and tennis court attached to the apartments. We are coming back out to Calgary for two weeks at half term in October and three weeks at Christmas. We had the option to stay until Christmas but decided it was better to start the school year in one place in September rather than January again.(but we do love Calgary so it was a very difficult choice!)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Good Earth Coffee Shop Aspen Landing becomes a movie set!

Popped in to our local Good Earth coffee shop in Aspen Landing for a coffee and found the coffee shop had become a movie set-no joke! They used three of the ladies having coffee as part of the scene..!!

Lucie and Sophie get their Canadian passports!

Many thanks to Gavin Anderson Photography for his perfect photos for the passports!

Storm hits Calgary!

hard to see from the photo but this storm was really scary-hail truly was the size of golf balls, I really did think the windscreen was about to cave in! I followed the lead of other hardy Canadians and 'sheltered' under the nearest bridge on the Highway until it eased!

Jasper with cone head again

Poor Jasper not very happy he has the cone again, other paw is sore this time:-( Vet nurse said the other dogs know when their pals have cones and laugh at them - funny thing is she meant it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Holidays/Heritage Park/Rosemary's visit

First few days of school holidays we enjoyed a great day at Heritage Park!

Maynard Cousins come to stay

 Paintballing in Bragg Creek
 ready for action!
Calgary Stampede - Bruce and I had a fantastic day being entertained by Talisman in a corporate box