Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snow starts to melt for the first long last

......only to reveal a gnome on our table!

We've found an off - leash area close to our house for Jasper - who, needless to say, loves it!

Sophie selected for girls senior rugby tour to Brandon , Manitoba

Where's Manitoba, I hear you ask? I had to look it up myself, its two Provinces along to the right. The Webber Academy team are going to play in a tournament mid - April which should be fun.

Lucie off to Calgary Chinatown on a school visit

Lucie is off to Chinatown in Calgary on the last day of the Semester, for the whole day, including lunch. She is not keen to go as mandarin is not her favourite subject

University of Calgary
Has AMAZING programs, which is where I'm keeping busy. Im doing Microsoft Certifications (ie Superuser) of Excel and Powerpoint, and Im training to be a Fitness leader out of interest rather than wanting to become one. Ive done Exercise Theory in the Department of Kinesiology (Sports Science) and Im planning on specialising in Aquaerobics certification and Keiser indoor cycling. I might do Resistance Training Certification as well.

The University's hiking program starts in April as well so will go on guided hikes into the Rockies. lucie is keen to do gymnastics at the University and I think we might all be doing kayaking in the summer!