Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lake Louise Alberta Family Day Weekend 2011

You want me to walk in this weather-my paws are cold!!
Hiking round Lake Louise-people walking on the lake too!

Photo opportunity(one of many)-Fairmont Hotel in the background

Stunning ice sculptures at the hotel

View from Hotel room window ice rinks at the front-just breathtakingly beautiful!!

View back to hotel and lake - 3 hour hike with Jasper whilst the others were skiing Louise,  prettiest walk ever! 

Lake Louise Family Day Weekend 2011

Sophie and Lucie skating on Lake Louise having a rest by the ice sculpture!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lake Louise

We are going to Lake Louise tomorrow morning to stay at the Fairmont Lake Louise which will be lovely.The hotel chain are so incredibly dog friendly and Jasper loved the Banff Springs. Its a long weekend here in Calgary (Family weekend) a bit of a Half term for the girls who get Friday and Monday as a school holiday.

Bruce, Sophie and Lucie are hoping to ski at Sunshine on Saturday. I am getting nearer to be able to ski ( I have the best physio, the Canadian Olympic speed skating physio) but for the time being will be hiking round Lake Louise with Jasper :-)

The Webber Academy Science Fair was a huge success, the children absolutely blew me away-felt very humbled by the amount of work they had put in and their enthusiasm. The judges all took their work very seriously (there were about 25 of us) so that each childs work was judged by six separate judges and an average of scores were given. Scores announced next week.

Having been very balmy and sweater weather, its now plunged to -21 again. we are lucky at home with underfloor heating in a couple of rooms and the thermostat constantly set to 70 degrees. very glad, tho' to have a dog walker for Jasper a couple of days a week. We have the lovely Laurent from Le Woof who walks Jasper.

Ive almost finished the website for the amaxing horse trainer Joanna Heaton of Balanced Horsemanship, take a preview peek at 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Banff/Banff Springs Hotel

New haircut!
Sophie at coffee shop of Banff Springs Hotel
The horses and sleigh!
Sophie and Lucie looking excited!

Jasper back in the hotel room (stealing a ski glove!)
Lucie samples the puddings at dinner :-)
On the way to the outdoor ice rink at the hotel (100 steps down)
Jasper made the 100 steps! (ice rink behind)
Sophie and Lucie try out their skates
View of ice rink
Bruce and Jasper with Banff Springs Hotel behind

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Banff/Banff Springs Hotel/Horse Drawn Sleigh rides

Just back from the weekend in Banff-went outdoor skating, hiking (saw an Elk!), horse drawn sleigh ride, swimming outdoors - had an amazing time - more to be added tomorrow....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bragg Creek

Took Jasper for a walk this morning in the hamlet of Bragg Creek, twenty minutes out of Calgary at the foot of the Rockies...there is a ballet class here which has been recommended for Lucie which I wanted to look at and also Brad Pitt has a house here so I knew it would be nice.
Its the most lovely day here, really warm and sunny-we still have not seen one drop of rain since we arrived on 31st December-incredible.

We are off to Banff tomorrow, staying at the Banff Springs Hotel which should be nice-we have booked a horse drawn sleigh ride as well which should be fun!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

View of the Rocky Mountains from Anatapi Lane

Just had to stop and take this photo today of the view of the mountains from our road - breathtaking !!