Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to Calgary

Had an OK trip back to Calgary, managed to bump into friends at Terminal 5 (those Paterson-Browns are everywhere these days!) on the way out, saw some fantastic movies on the plane.....picked up Jasper today, I have never ever seen an animal soooo glad to be home! I think he thought we were never coming back for him, as he had never been to kennels before.

Lucie and I went to the Youth Gym (parents can go too!) this morning, which Lucie loved, and then we went swimming but bypassed the massive slide, a bit tired by this stage :-)

Then off for crepes and cappucinos at Ladybug cafe-Lucie was in her element with whipped cream and strawberries as a crepe topping-more cream than crepe 

All a bit jet lagged and wondering which side of the road to drive on, could be interesting....! Looking forward to Sophie coming home on Monday. Off to Vancouver tomorrow....

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